Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gender & media panel at Nordmedia 2013

Every second year there is a Nordic media researchers conference; Nordmedia. This year it takes place in Oslo, Norway Aug 8-10. We are having a panel, The Uncomfortable Gender Gap in The Nordic News Media, based on new research in combination with the chapters that we wrote for the coming Palgrave International Handbook on Women and Journalism.
Hopefully there will be a good discussion. Tarja Savolainen, University of Helsinki will talk about the EIGE report that investigates the gender equality in the media organisations in all the EU member states. Turid Øvrebø, Volda college, will talk about her new research from Dagsrevyn, NRK and I will discuss the possible implications of recent political documents from the EU and the Council of Europe regarding Gender and the Media.